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Skip the store and donate online! There are 2 kinds of food drives that you can do, Virtual or Traditional, or even better both! We encourage individuals, businesses, faith organizations, and corporations to host a Virtual Food Drive. Remember, $1 helps provide 3 meals AND all proceeds are used to purchase food in bulk through our Farm to Family program!

Virtual Food Drives are very cost effective for you and for Second Harvest. As you see in the shopping experience, through our bulk purchasing power, Second Harvest can leverage your funds to purchase large amounts of food. Every traditional food drive has costs associates with the delivery of supplies, pick up and processing of donations. Each Virtual Food Drive results in a net savings of between $30 and $100 over traditional food drives. That means that we could provide between 90 to 300 more meals for the hungry when you decide to do a Virtual Food Drive!

It's very easy to start and manage a Virtual Food Drive from your desktop or mobile device. This is an internet-based, customizable tool that allows everyone to participate regardless of location simply by logging onto the internet and making a monetary donation to their own branded food drive. Virtual Food Drives can begin as soon as you like.

If you would like to host a Traditional Food Drive, you are in the right place! Traditional Food Drives allow community members to physical donate food. After registration, you will receive an email from the Food Drives Team about logistics surrounding your food drive.

Please note that traditional food drives over 300 lbs. can't have an immediate start date. You should select a date two weeks from the date you register. While you may be able to select an earlier date, we will adjust that date to reflect the two week lead time so we can organize and deliver your supplies.

You can also sign up to do a combination of Virtual and traditional food drives. Just use the easy application form below and get started to help us feed the hungry in OC!

Food Drive Coordinator Info

Thank you for hosting a food drive. As the coordinator you'll be our main contact. We hope you'll stay in touch and let us know how we can help you make the most of your food drive.



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